InspirEd Classes

Our free classes provide an opportunity for K-12 students to learn about advanced and unique topics in a large group setting. We seek to satisfy the learning needs and goals of all students.

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Meet a few of our instructors!

Audrey Y.



Kevin Y.



Annie M.


Invested in student success.


Passionate teachers

Students learn from passionate high school instructors who are excited about their specialized topics. At InspirEd, we prioritize learning and understanding.


Free of cost

We're breaking down education barriers by providing students with accessible opportunities. Our classes are free for everyone!

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Inspiring students

Our classes are more than learning. It's about inspiring the next generation of students to pursue their passions. We're creating curriculum to meet the needs of all students.

Our FREE classes

  • FREE | 6th-9th Grade | Friday and Wednesday | 10:30AM PST | 90 minutes

    Starts Jul 2

  • FREE | 6th-9th Grade | Wednesday 3:30 PM PST | 60 minutes

    Starts Jul 7

  • FREE | 6th-9th Grade | Sundays 1:30PM PST | 90 minutes

    Starts Jul 11

  • FREE | 6th-9th Grade | Tuesdays 4 PM | 60 minutes

    Starts Jul 6

  • FREE | 6th-9th Grade | Saturday 11 AM PST | 60 minutes

    Starts Jul 10

  • FREE | 6th-9th Grade | Wednesday 10 AM PST | 60 minutes

    Starts Jul 7

  • FREE | 6th-9th Grade | Sunday 11 AM - 12 PM PST | 60 minutes

    Starts Jul 10


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