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Our free club program provides an opportunity for middle school students to learn about advanced and unique STEM topics in a small group setting. Commitment is vital for our STEM Club.


Invested in student success.


Passionate teachers

Students learn from passionate high school instructors who are excited about their specialized topics. At InspirEd, we prioritize learning and understanding.


Free of cost

We're breaking down education barriers by providing students with accessible opportunities. Our classes are free for everyone!

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Inspiring students

Our classes are more than learning. It's about inspiring the next generation of students to pursue their passions. We're creating curriculum to meet the needs of all students.


Due to limited availability, registration for Session 3 STEM Club Classes will be application-based. This application will gauge general interest and commitment. Thank you for your support in STEM Club! 

Note: as a result of a website bug, the start and end dates for our STEM Club Classes may be displayed 1 day late or early. Classes will always occur on Tuesdays or Saturdays; any other displayed day is incorrect. 


Learn about our FREE 1-on-1 Tutoring Program.

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