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Prepared Presentation
Plan and rehearse a presentation about a specific world issue (prompt will be released on August 6th, 2022)
Impromptu Speech
Be prepared to give a speech about a world issue with just five minutes to brainstorm and prepare
Participants may or may not use media to assist their presentation
Presentation must not exceed 5 minutes!
Participants are NOT allowed to use media to assist their presentation. 
Speech must not exceed 5 minutes!
All judging will take place through zoom meetings!

Must Join Discord!
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Mission Speak will be placing participants into one of two categories: Middle School and High School.
Therefore, all students must currently be enrolled in a middle school (10 - 14) or a high school (14 - 18) to participate


Grand Prize - $400

Prizes with both Middle School and High School winners:
Best in Prepared Category: $100
Best in Impromptu Category: $100
Most InspirEd Presentation: $100



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Prepared presentation prompt release (8/6)
Opening ceremony and workshop (8/13 at 12 PM PST)
Prepared speech presentations (8/13)
Winners announcement (8/20)
Impromptu speech presentations (8/13)
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How to Enter

Contestants can enter using this google form, which can also be found on our website along with discord information. Contestants have until August 12, 2022 at 11:59 PM PST to enter.
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