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A nationwide initiative challenging students ages 6-18 to showcase COVID’s impact through a wide variety of artistic expressions.


Address the theme:

How has COVID-19 impacted you and your community?

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Meet your Judges!

Trevor_Profile - Trevor Kwan.jpg

Trevor Kwan

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Trevor is a senior at Newport High School. Saving up for his first DSLR in 8th grade, he quickly found a passion for documentary, travel, and street photography. You'll often find him shooting photos at Pike Place Market, around Westlake Center, and at local Seattle parks.
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Erin Chao

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Erin spends time working on her college art portfolio at an art studio Wednesdays-Saturdays, participates in the Scholastic Writing and Art competition, and won 1 Gold Key for the 2020 competition and 3 honorable mentions in 2021. She enjoys reading and doodling in her free time.
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Xin Cen

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Xin's been taking art lessons since kindergarten. He's always loved drawing with multiple mediums, from oil and graphite to acrylic and digital. Fun fact: he keep spiders as pets :). Check out @xincen_photography and @xinsarts on Instagram to see some of his work!
054_201031BEJDYIPA - Audrey Y.JPG

Audrey Yip

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Audrey is a violinist at Evergreen Philharmonic who has played at numerous competitions with high scores. She has also competed in PTA's Reflections for visual arts. She enjoys hiking, reading webcomics, and listening to K-Pop.
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Sagan Russ

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Sagan has been a competitive dancer in various styles for the past decade. During this time, she has trained at Pacific Northwest Ballet School and Backstage Dance Studio. She has also won various awards and scholarships at national dance competitions and conventions. Her favorite dance styles are contemporary, jazz, and modern and her favorite dance move is a pirouette!
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Taeho is a rising senior and professional filmmaker. He's worked with influencers and brands such as Purple, Braun, and Michelob Ultra. He's been in many film festivals, was recently awarded an HS Emmy for the NW Natas, and has had films played in multiple cinemas including the AMC theater in New York.

Taeho Choe

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IMG_8302 - Richard Yang.jpg

Linh Tran

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Linh enjoys writing short stories, flash fiction, and the occasional essay. Whenever she has time, she's doing crossword puzzles and watching Netflix.
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Lauren Goulette

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Lauren is from Hudson, Wisconsin. She has received two regional gold awards and four regional silver awards for her poetry through the Scholastic Arts And Writing Awards, was featured in the Second-Chance Literary Magazine, and won the Arlington National Cemetery Essay award. In her free time, she likes to play lacrosse, do yoga, and paint.

Josh Yum


COVID-19 may limit us to stay at home, but there are no limits to our creativity Submit a piece of art addressing the theme above for a chance to earn $1500+ in prizes and inspire the community!

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