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Teams can consist of 1 - 4 people with the oldest team member qualifying the team for the divisions below.

Middle School Division - Students must be a middle schooler for the incoming 2021-2022 year.

High School Division - Students must be a high schooler for the incoming 2021-2022 year.



(9/01) Registration opens

(01/8) Entrepreneurship Challenge Starts

  • 10 AM Opening Ceremony 

  • 11 AM Submissions open and prompts are live


(01/10) Competition Ends

  • 6 PM Submissions Close


(01/16) Results Announced

How to Enter

How to Enter

1. To register:


2. Presentation Requirements:

  • Create a presentation that fits one of the three themes and proposes a business solution

  • The format must be an mp4 slide presentation, 10 minutes maximum

Submit your final presentation by following the instructions in this submission form. Make sure to only submit one form per team and to include all of your team members’ names!!

arttt (1)_edited.png


Participants will be judged based on our rubric, which assesses submissions based on the presentation content and presentation delivery. Judges may take into account additional factors such as solution innovativity.


Judges will be adults who have expertise in a business field and will be provided by the sponsor of the event.

The winners of the competition will be announced in the closing ceremony on January 16th.

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