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Mission 2022

A nationwide initiative organized by the student-for-student nonprofit, Mission InspirEd, challenging students ages 10-18 to synthesize their creativity and problem solving skills to develop a product idea that tackles a current issue.
Check out the rulebook and rubric below!



Design a product or service that effectively increases accessibility to COVID-19 vaccines and/or tests to underprivileged area.

Develop an educational product that addresses the lack of personalized learning and needs for improved instructional methods across public schools.


Design a product that utilizes technology that revolutionizes or improves the productivity of any industry.

Opening Ceremony

Join to participate in a communication workshop held by Matt Crevin!
Matt Crevin is known for being the founder of his company, Talk Shop, whose mission is to help students develop a clear communication voice and get them career ready . From his professional experiences and personal experiences as a parent of two teenagers, he emphasizes the important of effective communication and empowers today's youth to communicate during all phases of their lives with his impactful workshops. Matt has publicly spoken in multiple workshops in the Seattle area and continues to help students all around!

Mission 2022 has Concluded, Thank you!

Registration has closed
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