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Schedule (PDT):

(3/03) Registration for Hackathon opens

(3/10) Hackathon begins

  • 10 AM Opening Ceremony 

  • 11 AM Submissions open

(6/26) Workshops (subject to change)

  • 6 PM Surprise from our sponsors!

(6/27) Hackathon ends

  • 6 PM Submissions close

  • 7 PM Closing Ceremony

(7/4) Results of the hackathon will be                     emailed to participants

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Submissions must be almost entirely original work, but a small amount of your project can be based on legal open-source resources if you cite them. If a noticeable proportion of your project is not original it may lead to immediate disqualification.


Middle School Division - Participants must be middle schoolers/aged 10-13 for the incoming 2021-2022 year.


High School Division - Participants must be a high schoolers/aged 14-18 for the incoming 2021-2022 year.

Teams can consist of 1 - 4 people with the oldest team member qualifying the team for the divisions above.

How to Enter

1. To register:

  • Fill out the registration form 

  • Create an account on Devpost. This is where you will be making submissions.

  • Join our Discord to get access to all the announcements and event Zoom links!


2. What to submit:

  • Create a program that addresses the theme: “ Action Against Climate Change” and save your work to a GitHub repository. There will be helpful tutorials for using GitHub posted on our discord server.

Submit your GitHub repository link, a demo video of your working program, and any program details to Devpost by following the instructions posted there. Make sure to add your teammates!

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How to Enter


Over the course of the Hackathon, participants will also have the opportunity to attend educational and entertaining workshops.


There will be 8 workshops, each of which is based on a computer science related theme and is facilitated by a professional in the relevant industry. Workshops are a great opportunity to connect with experts who share an insider’s perspective of fast-growing fields. We highly encourage your participation!

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Participants will be judged based on our rubric, which assesses submissions based on the strength of user interface, functionality, and overall impression. Additional factors such as the use of Machine Learning may be evaluated to qualify for special prizes.


Judges will be adults who have expertise in a computer science field and will be provided by the sponsor of the event.

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