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COVID-19 may limit us

to stay at home,

but there are no limits to our creativity.

Tales of Quarantine challenges students ages 6-18


to submit a piece of art (paintings, film, poetry, and more) addressing the theme:

How has COVID-19 impacted you and your community?

for a chance to win huge prizes!

Overall Best:


Best in Category,

Senior Division:

Best in Category,

Junior Division:

Visual: $100

Visual: $100

Media: $100

Writing: $100

Media: $100

Writing: $100

*Learn more about the categories and divisions below!*


Contestants can showcase their work to thousands through our online exhibition,

help the community by leading art shows for senior homes and frontline workers,

and get featured in magazines and news interviews!


(2/22) Website opens

              for submissions

(3/21) Submission due date

(3/28) Winners and gallery

              posted and emailed


Types of Entries

Junior Division:

Ages 6-13

Senior Division:

Ages 14-18


  • photo, drawing, painting, 3D crafts, photography

  • 3 MB MAX


Hover here
  • film, music, animation, video, audio, choreography

  • 7 MIN MAX


  • journalism, poetry, essay, short story, argument

  • 2000 WORDS MAX


*Students can submit up to 1 entry per category!*


Check out the official

for all you need to know!